Quality Time

Following on my post from few days – well 6 days back to be exact, I am just finding the time now or rather forced myself to find the time, to sit down and write. During the week it is really difficult to find that quality time to spend in silence with your own thoughts.

‘Time and Tide waits for no Man’! When you dwell on this age-old adage for a moment, you realize a deeper insight – which is, that time will not wait for you but you should rather make the most of the time that you have on your hands.

There are a number of distractions today, Facebook I would say is at the top of the list. I remember reading an article that in a gist said, if the first thing you do as you wake up is look at your phone then you are definitely going to waste about an hour going through various apps and posts, that would serve no purpose or add quality to your life.

To conclude on my rambling, I am trying to tell myself that time is precious and I need to consciously make sure that I make the best of it.